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RVing Women Name Badge Order


Please clearly print the words as they are to appear on the badge.

Pick style/format that you like from the photos (A, B, C, D) _________________

First name: _____________________ Last name: ______________________

Chapter: _____________________________ (or leave blank)

City, State of Residence: __________________________________ (or leave blank)

** Hanger: ______________________________________________ (if you choose)


** Please note: If you would like, the hanger can have your Chapter name, your city/state,

or both your Chapter name and your city/state on two lines.  Hangers can also be used to

indicate the office you hold in your Chapter or with RVW.

Badge Price with pin back @ $8.50 each:                 $____________

Badge Price with magnet back @ $11.50 each:        $____________

Hangers @ $4.00 each:                                         $____________

Shipping @ $3.00 for 1st Badge +$.50 each add’l    $____________

                                                   Total Enclosed:  $____________

Ship to: Name: ___________________________________________________

  Address: _________________________________________________

  City: _________________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________

  Phone#: ___________________Email:__________________________


Please enclose check payable to: Badges “R” Us

Mail to:

  Badges “R” Us
  PO Box 22012
  Mesa, AZ 85227
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