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The Importance of Name Badges in Your Business

The Importance of Name Badges For Your Business or Club

Have you noticed how professional a person looks when he or she is wearing a name badge? Employees who wear name tags not only make your business look more professional, the name badge represents a symbol of company pride.

It is difficult to connect with customers if they feel they are talking with strangers. Customers are more relaxed and friendly when interacting with someone wearing a name badge. Your employees' responses to potential customers are also more friendly when they can relate to the customers on a more personal level.

In addition to the professional appearance, wearing a company name tag identifies you and your employees when contacting your customers at locations outside of your usual place of business. Most people are wary of talking to someone they don't know or recognize. With your employees wearing name badges, your customers will recognize the legitimacy of contact with them.

Imagine youself among a group of people gathered for the first time at a business meeting, club function, or some other social get together. No one knows anyone well, if at all. Wearing name badges makes it easier for people who don't know you to interact and open up. It is even better if the name tag includes your company's name and logo. This is a very simple way to make meetings and gatherings friendlier, encourage people to get to know you, and potentially gain new customers.

At Badges 'R' Us, we design and engrave name badges in any size from standard business card size to larger convention size. You determine what information you want included on the badge. Individual names or company names can be engraved in large, bold type for easy reading. Job titles or other information can be included in smaller type beneath the name to identify your company. Of course, your company logo or club logo can also be included. We also have a large selection of colors available.

Badges R Us strives to stay informed in the engraving industry. As members of ARA (Awards and Recognition Association), we actively seek to stay informed.

Dorothy Loll
February 10, 2009

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