Pet Tags from BADGES R US

 Pet ID tags are a must for identification and should contain a pet's full name and address. Pet tags are very important for your pets' safety, and possibly their lives.

 It's in the very nature of dogs and cats to be curious. This curiosity can cause them to wander off and get lost. The price of a pet tag is an inexpensive way to help keep your pet around for many years to come. Ninety percent of pets wearing an ID tag will be returned to their owners.

There are many choices available when personalizing a pet tag. There is a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available. The tags range from simple ID tags with basic information, to tags with a logo, or owners information.

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Pet tags can be engraved on plastic, or on different types of
metal, such as aluminum. Tags should be durable and easy to read. These are crucial issues when choosing a pet tag. A plastic tag has a tendency to fade, or may become unreadable after being chewed on by the pet. Engraved metal tags are generally easier to read and last longer than plastic tags.

You have many choices in selecting a pet tag, from color to shape to material, but mostly you have the choice to help ensure the return of your pet if he gets lost. The last thing a pet owner wants to lose is his or her best friend, especially when that can be prevented with a pet ID tag.