Pet Rescue Signs

What would happen if you were gone from your RV or home, and there was an emergency? We never want to think about a disaster happening to us, but it could. The pet rescue sign could save your pet's life in an emergency.

Just last summer, we were evacuated 3 times at RV Rallies for tornado alerts. The evacuations were in 3 different states, and none had facilities at the RV campgrounds to take a pet. Another vendor had a sudden fire in their coach. With a pet rescue sign, emergency responders know there is a pet inside, and if you put a cell phone number on it, they can get ahold of you quickly!

These are engraved signs that are customized with your information. We do have generic signs, but most people want their own information on them. Our most popular colors are red with white print or yellow with black print, but many other colors are available. Many of our customers put their pets' names on the signs as well. Our custom engraved signs are done individually, so it is up to you what information you want to include. Personalized Pet Rescue signs are one of our most popular items, both at events and online.

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pet rescue signs

These signs make a great gift!

Pet Rescue Cat name

pet rescue sign displayed in windshield

Most of these signs are 5 inches wide by 3 inches tall, and include the suction cup to hold them.

FMCA oval pet emergency sign

Pet Emergency Oval

 These Pet Rescue Signs are in the shape of the FMCA oval. They are 7 3/4 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall. They include the suction cup to hold them. You may add a phone number as well.

 All of the engraved pet tags are available with outdoor 2 sided tape as well. The 5x3 rectangular pet rescue signs are $9.50 each, and include a suction cup to hold it to a window or outside wall. The oval PET RESCUE signs are $12.50 each. Call us to order.

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