Military-Style ID Dog Tags

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Military-style dog tags used for identification have been around for more than one hundred years.  The standard format consisted of the last name, first name, service number, blood type and religion, imprinted on an oval-shaped piece of metal worn on a metal chain around the neck.  The dog tags of today are basically the same, except the service number has been replaced with the social security number.

Dog tags

During World War II, similar to the tradition of giving a
girlfriend his school ring or letterman jacket to wear, soldiers gave their dog tags to their loved ones when dating or before being deployed overseas.

Dog tag with graphic

When the younger generation started wearing dog tags, a new fashion trend called "military chic" was started.  Originally, dog tags were worn as a part of a pseudo-style of military uniform by teens and college students. Dog tags have since gained prominence in broader fashion circles to include celebrities and athletes.

Today's dog tags come in many colors and can be engaved with almost anything you want, not just your name and address.  You can even have logos or graphics added.  You could start your own fashion trend!