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 We are Escapees. Then you might ask, what did you escape from? Well, we escaped from the rat race and get to travel and meet lots of new people all the time.

We offer a full line of Escapees products. Besides SKP name badges, we have ladder plaques, and the popular Kiley ladder brackets. Our name badges come in many colors. We offer pet rescue signs and engraved custom signs. Our journey maps come with a full set of Swarovski crystals.

Escapees RV ClubThere are many Escapees chapters and many of them have their own logos. We have most of the logos on file and are ready to engrave your club badge! There are no specific colors for the badges. Just ask, and we'll do it however your want it.

What does SKP mean?
SKP is a commonly used nickname for Escapees. (Say S-K-P fast and it sounds like Escapees.) You'll see SKP used to mean Support-Knowledge-Parking or Special Kind of People. Many Escapees call themselves SKIPs.

Escapees are people who have taken the caring and sharing philosophy to heart. Escapees love to learn, love to share their skills and talents, love to explore, love to laugh and enjoy themselves. Escapees are people from all walks of life who consider themselves family.

Probably the greatest benefit of an SKP membership is the friendships you will form with others who share your lifestyle. Escapees are a Special Kind of People who share the RV way of life. RVing the Escapees way gives you a support network that will enrich your travels through companionship with those who understand your values and treasure your friendship. You'll find that displaying the house-and-wagon logo brings helpers and huggers alike.

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We have lots of SKP logos available:

SKP logo

pet rescue signs


The Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest RV Clubs in America. There are many reasons to become an SKP. Friendship and comradery are our favorites. 

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