Engraved Signs

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign. There was a song like that once. If we put a picture of every sign we did, who would look at this page? Badges R Us makes a lot of signs. We make funny signs and sayings that are great in your RV, home, or as gifts. We also do a lot of signs for campgrounds and businesses.

For signs that will be displayed outside, we use a textured 2-ply engravable material that is Co-extruded Impact Acrylic. We use this textured material that allows detailed engraving, and is durable and resistant to fingerprints. It is well suited for industrial environments and high traffic areas. It is outdoor and UV stable.

 Engraved Signs by Badges R Us

8 x 3 Sign

Conference Room Sign

Door Sign Sports

There are many reasons to have a sign. Caution signs alert people to dangers that may occur. Informational signs direct people to the correct procedure. Fun Signs communicate your individuality and personality. Engraved signs last for years.  Badges R Us offers custom engraving, so whether you need 1 sign or 100 signs, we can help.

Don't Let the Cat Out

12 x 8 Pharmacy sign  12 x 8 Pharmacy Pick up sign

Bicycle Safety

coffee tea 

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8 X 12 Barber Shop


Green sign

Speed Bumps


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 Badges R Us makes lots of engraved signs. We have Pet Rescue Signs, Ladder Plaques, License Plates, & RV Club Signs.


 We make every sign custom per order. We can make them any size up to 12 inches by 12 inches. We have a variety of graphics we can add. No Smoking, Do Not Enter, and No Solicitors are common signs. We also make signs for electrical panels, plumbing instructions for your RV, use instructions, and many more. Give us a call and we can custom design signs for your situation.

We also make desk plaques for the office. We have wood mounted awards available as well.Award Plaque

We can customize the awards with your company logo or club logo.

The plaques are on a 5x7 mounting, and are very professional. It is a great way to give recognition awards to those who have served.